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NOC Announces Partial Lifting of Force Majeure

Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) has announced the lifting of the force majeure at two of its western ports. In a statement, the NOC said: "Due to the improvement of the circumstances which may enable the starting of production and loading operations in some Oil Harbours, NOC declares lifting of Force Majeure situation in: Zawia […]

Al-Arusi Announces New Refinery

By John Lee. Libya plans to increase its oil refining capacity and to develop petrochemical industries that generate jobs, according to a report from AFP. Minister of Oil and Gas, Dr. Abdulbari Alarusi [Al Arusi] told the agency: "Libya imports 70 percent of its fuel needs, something which is not normal for a country which […]

Skilled Workers Needed at Azzawiya Oil Refinery

The sub-tenders committee at Azzawiya Oil Refinery [Zawia] is looking for highly skilled and qualified technical personnel to carry out maintenance activities at Azzawiya Refinery and at Benghazi Asphalt plant. The categories of technical personnel are as follows: (*) One welder & one fabricator shall be placed at Benghazi Asphalt Plant, Benghazi, Libya. We are […]

Ministers Discuss Development of Azzawiah Refinery

A meeting was held on Saturday at the Ministry of Oil and Gas between the Minister of Oil and Gas Dr. Abdulbari Alarusi [Al Arusi], and the Minister of Communications and Transport Abdulqader Mohammed Ahmed, to address the development and expansion of Azzawiah [Zawiya] port and refinery. The meeting included discussion on increasing capacity and […]

Egypt’s Oil Minister Visits Zawiya Refinery

Egypt’s Oil Minister has reportedly met with the management of Libya's Zawia [Zawiya] Oil Refinery (pictured), in what is understood to be a series of field visits by the Egyptian oil ministry to various oil production sites in Libya. According to reports from LANA, the meeting included the NOC Chairman Nuri Berruien [Nuri Balrwin], head […]

Libyan Ex-Rebels Lift Refinery Blockade

Former Libyan rebels have lifted their blockade of the country's biggest oil refinery, Zawiyah [Zawiya, Zawia, Azzawia, Azzawiya] , after closing it off to demand medical treatment for injuries from last year's war. Imed bin Kura, the facility's head, said on Friday that the sit-in held by protesters since Wednesday ended on Thursday night around […]

Strike Averted at Zawiya Refinery

The employees of the Zawiya Oil Refining Company averted a strike and operations were reported to be running on schedule on Wednesday, but a small demonstration demanding better security for their company would be held. Earlier this week, a group of war veterans demanding better government compensation and medical treatment blocked the entrance to the refinery […]

Sit-in at Zawiyah Refinery Costs $30m

Wounded civil war veterans have blockaded Libya's Zawiyah [Zawiya, Zawia, Azzawia] refinery demanding better medical treatment, in a move that has already cost the country at least $30 million in three days. Outgoing deputy oil minister Omar al-Shakmak told AFP that the losses were due to the interruption of operations at the refinery, which supplies […]