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UN Envoy Praises Women’s Electoral Role in Libya

A conference was held in the Libyan capital Tripoli, organised as part of a nationwide awareness campaign to support women candidates for the National Congress elections. The conference was organised by the Libyan Women Union and Maan Nabneeha Movement, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP. It attracted more than 350 female electoral candidates […]

Women and youth vital to Libya's future: Pelosi

Libya must invest in education and include youth and women on the road to democracy, US congressional minority leader Nancy Pelosi said on Saturday during a visit to Tripoli. "Of special interest to us is the role that women and young people have played, are playing, and hopefully will play in the brilliant new democracy […]

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More men unemployed than women in Libya: report

Libya is the only Arab country where there are more unemployed men than women, a report by the Arab League showed. Unemployment for women in Libya stands at 18 percent while for men the figure is 21 percent. Libya stands out from other Arab nations where women unemployment is higher than men. The report, based […]

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Libyan Women Want a Say in Running the New Libya

Libyan women want more say in running post-Al Qathafi Libya and suggest that a new government in Libya should ensure the participation of both sexes in political action giving a minimum of 40% for each, with the requirement of capability. Participation in government was one of the main recommendations by the first-ever International Women’s Conference […]