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Egypt eases visa restrictions for Libyans

Egypt has reportedly agreed to ease visa restrictions for Libyans entering the country. According to Libya Herald, the age range for which Libyan males require a visa has been reduced from between 15 and 60 years to 18-50 years. Visas will now be valid for six months rather than one month. Libyan women do not […]

Turkey Cancels Visa-free Travel for Libyans

Turkey has reportedly cancelled visa-free travel for Libyan nationals. According to a report from Anadolu Agency, an agreement between the countries signed in 2009 meant that Turkey was one of the few countries Libyans could travel to without a visa. A spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that from 24th September Libyans would need […]

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Egypt to Lift Visa Requirements

Egypt is to lift visa requirements for Libyan women, injured and students. A representative of the Egyptian government said the planned changes meant that injured Libyans heading to Egypt for treatment will in future need only an official doctor’s letter, according to a report from Libya Herald. The border between the two countries would be […]

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New Training to Boost UK Visa Success Rate

Libya Herald reports that the British Council in Libya is now offering training to local Libyan agents on the UK visa application processes Hundreds of potential students and tourists have their applications rejected due to errors, and many Libyans pay agents to help them through the process but some of these lack experience and can […]

Teleperformance to run UK Visa Services

From 12th March 2014, the UK's new commercial partner Teleperformance Ltd will take over the running of our Visa Application Centre in Tripoli. In addition, the UK is making the following changes to the visa service: The Priority Visa Service will increase to £100, payable in Libyan Dinar. It will be possible to pay your […]

Canadian Embassy in Tripoli Outsources Visa Process

Libya Herald reports that the Canadian embassy has outsourced its visa application process to the international company VFS Global., which opened the Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC) on 19th August. The company said: “CVAC is the exclusive service provider for the Government of Canada, authorised to accept applications in all temporary resident categories (visitor visas, […]

Last Call for Foreign Workers in Libya

The Ministry of Labour has announced that foreigners working in Libya must obtain official documentation and regularize their stay by 15th August. According to a report from Pana news agency, the move is part of the Libyan government’s efforts to re-organize the country’s labour market, which has been "flooded by thousands of workers from Arab, […]