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Foreign Minister urges the EU to help Libya

Foreign Minister Tonio Borg yesterday told his EU counterparts in Brussels that Libya should receive more direct help in the coming months, particularly to secure its borders. Malta has a direct interest in a more secure Libya, as most of the irregular migrants reaching its shores depart from the North African country. Malta has received […]

Malta wants Libya to sign refugee rights convention

Malta wants Libya to sign the Geneva Convention that protects the rights of refugees, according to Foreign Minister Tonio Borg. The statement is symptomatic of the island’s new relations with Libya after the Gaddafi regime was deposed in a bloody revolution last year. Libya’s absence from the convention was consistently criticised by human rights groups […]

Joint oil exploration proposed to Libya and Italy

A proposal made to Malta’s neighbouring countries Italy and Libya was that the solution to the continental shelf issue could be an agreement for joint exploration, Foreign Affairs Minister Tonio Borg told parliament yesterday morning. Dr Borg, who was speaking during the debate on the budget estimates for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, said Malta had […]

Malta makes proposal to Libya and Italy on continental shelf issue

Malta has made a proposal to Libya and Italy as a possible solution to the continental shelf issue, which has been pending for years, Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said this morning. An agreement is needed so that oil exploration can take place. Speaking in Parliament during the budget debate on the financial estimates of the […]