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Oil Storage Capacity Increased at Ras Lanuf

By John Lee. National Oil Corporation (NOC) subsidiary Harouge Oil Company has replaced Ras Lanuf storage tank no. 7, which has a capacity of 500,000 barrels of crude oil, bringing the port’s storage capacity to its highest level since 2016. This will help prevent forced oil field shutdowns, especially during winter weather which can disrupt […]

Brega Tender for Diesel Tanks

The Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) intends to put to tender: Diesel Tanks The Dimension Of Which Are As Follows: Tank 421 40 m Dia 17.80 H Tank 422 13.300 m Dia 12.192 H For specialized services in the activity of oil that you want to participate in national and foreign companies to attend the […]

AGOCO Tank Refurb at Nafoora

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced a project (MTC 15\2013) for the refurbishment of diesel oil tanks at CPS at Nafoora Oil Field. BRIEF PROJECT DESCRIPTION: It is required to refurbishment the diesel oil tanks (DB, DC & DO) & supply and construct new tank in the same place of tank (DA) at C.P.S. […]

Tender for Signalling System at Ras Lanuf

Harouge Oil Operations has issued an invitation to participate in tender No (13/2013), for companies that have the required legal and valid licence documents. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT 1. Location of the Work: Tank Farm at Ras Lanuf Terminal. 2. General Description of the Work Scope of work consist of design, purchase, install and […]