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Libya Stops Salaries of 150,000 Teachers

By John Lee. Libya’s internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) has reportedly stopped paying the salaries of over 150,000 teachers and other educational staff, in an attempt to clamp down on fraud and corruption. Reuters cites a Ministry of Education statement saying that the affected staff had been receiving salaries without providing documents that […]

Libyan Airlines Staff Threaten to Strike

By John Lee. Some pilots, cabin crew and ground staff at Libyan Airlines have threatened to go on strike from 10th February, unless management ends the de-facto division of the company into Tripoli-based and Benghazi-based operations. According to the report from Libya Herald, the announcement applies to the Tripoli-based part of the company, with staff […]

Airport Strikes End

Libya Herald reports that a strike by ground staff at Tobruk and Labraq airports has ended. The short-lived strike was over unpaid salaries, with workers said to be five months in arrears. A spokesman for Tobruk Airport said both sides were satisfied with the agreement. (Source: Libya Herald) (Strike image via Shutterstock)

El Feel Oilfield Still Closed

The El Feel [El Fil, Elephant] oil field in Western Libya was reported to be still closed on Monday, due to a strike by security guards. An engineer at the site, who asked not to be identified, confirmed to Reuters that the strike is ongoing. El Feel is operated by Italy's Eni and the National […]

Strike Closes Hariga Oil Port

A strike by security guards has closed the last functioning oil port in mainland Libya. The port of Hariga [Marsa al Hariga], in Tobruk, near the Egyptian border, was closed on Saturday morning by striking security guards complaining that salaries had not been paid. Reuters has reported that a tanker was being prevented from taking […]

Oil Output 900,000 bpd

A spokesman for Libya's state-run National Oil Corporation (NOC) said on Sunday that oil production has fallen by 25,000 bpd to 900,000 bpd because of a strike at the Jalo oilfield. Reuters reports that output is still nine times more than several months ago when nationwide strikes crippled the industry. On Thursday, Libya reported it […]

ENI Workers Block GreenStream Pipeline

ENI workers in the Sicilian city of Gela have taken over a terminal bringing natural gas through the GreenStream pipeline from Libya in protest against company plans to revoke a promised 700-million-euro investment in the oil refinery where they work. Negotiations between Italy's unions and ENI broke down last week, leading refinery workers to ramp […]

Protests Cost Libya $30bn in Oil Revenue

Reuters reports that Libya has lost $30 billion due to the ongoing protests at oilfields and export terminals, which have brought the country's oil output from 1.4 million bpd in July to less than 200,000 bpd currently. The figure comes from Musbah Alkari, director of the central bank's reserves department, who also told the news […]