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400 New Transport Projects Last Year

Transport Minister Abdelgader Ahmed [Abdel-Qader Mohamed Ahmed Al-Ayib] (pictured) has said that over 400 projects had been 'activated' by his department last year, including that resumption of 12 major road projects and 85 agricultural road projects. Summarising his department’s activities for the previous year, he added that a total of 150 road maintenance projects and […]

Confusion over €1bn Highway Contract

Libya Herald reports that two Italian consortia are in a bitter dispute over which has won a major Libyan road construction project worth approximately €963 million. The Salini Impregilo Group announced two weeks ago that it will lead a consortium that has won the contract for the first 400 kilometres of the new Libyan coastal […]

Italian Group Wins €963m Motorway Contract

A consortium led by Salini Impregilo Group will construct the first section of the new Libyan coastal motorway for a total value of approximately €963 million. The Salini Impregilo Group has a 58% share in the contract, while the project will create 2,000 jobs. The contract, financed by the Italian government, includes a performance bond […]

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Tenders Awarded for 48 Projects

The Tenders Committee of the Roads and Bridges Authority has announced that it has awarded 48 projects to local companies, reports WAL. The projects included maintenance, preparation, cleaning and painting. No details have been given about the winning companies, the locations of the projects, or the values of the contracts. (Source: Libya Herald)

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Egyptian President OKs New Road to Libya

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (pictured) has given the green light to build of a new road to the Libyan border, 250 kilometres south of the current coastal border crossing at Musaid. According to the report from Libya Herald, the aim is to improve trade and manpower links between Upper Egypt and Libya; at least a […]

New Civil Engineering Projects in Bayda

The assistant head of the Local Council in the eastern city of Albidah [Bayda, Beida], Moussa Alarifi, has said the Council has drilled 37 wells in the city to provide drinkable water for the people, in addition to providing 72 pump wells in the outskirts of the city. Work is ongoing to extend water lines […]

Kufra Roads to be Repaired

The Ministry of Housing and Utilities has reportedly granted permission for the repair of nine main roads and a cemetery in the city of Kufra. Roads to be repaired include the roundabout road, the station road, the new kufra road, Asusa Qarter road, and Hawary gate road. (Source: Libyan Investment) (Photo Credit: Tore Kjeilen at […]

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