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Addressing Property Ownership Grievances in Libya

State representatives and experts discuss best remedies to address grievances resulting from past property ownership laws and practices in Libya A thematic meeting on real estate, land and property rights in Libya was organized in Tunis by UNSMIL and UNDP on 9-10 July as part of the project “Towards National Reconciliation in Libya”. The meeting […]

Meeting addresses Property Disputes in Libya

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the Libyan branch of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are currently hosting a meeting in Tunis to address the legacy of land and property violations in Libya from Ottoman times to the post-revolutionary period. The two-day meeting will involve experts, activists, and officials to identify […]

Libya: Whose Land Is It?

Mary Fitzgerald and Tarek Megerisi are the authors of a new Transitions Forum paper by the Legatum Institute that looks at Libya’s transition through the question of property rights. In the paper, the authors take a step back from the current fighting and explore some of the deep-rooted reasons why the past four years have been […]

GNC to Discuss Property Law

Libya Herald reports that the GNC is about to discuss a law for the return of property appropriated by the previous regime. The association of owners of these properties had put forward a proposal for the return of their properties, but it is opposed by other who have put forward an alternative proposal. The Spokesperson […]


MIH Considers Fundraising for Libya Projects

Bloomberg reports that Malta-based developer Mediterranean Investments Holding is considering a 100 million-euro ($132 million) share sale in London to fund home-building in Libya. The company, set up in 2006 as a joint venture between the Corinthia Group of Malta and the National Real Estate Company of Kuwait, has purchased land in the northwestern town of […]

Gaddafi's Property Legacy

While security has been in the spotlight, and rightly so, another major challenge facing the Libyan government is the question of property rights. On Monday, the General National Congress said it is working to resolve the thorny issue of property sequestered by the Gaddafi regime, but added that the complexity and sheer number of property […]