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Libya Revokes Political Isolation Law

Libya's internationally recognised parliament has reportedly revoked the country's Political Isolation Law (PIL). The controversial law banned Gaddafi-era officials from taking part in politics, and was often seen as similar to the the de-Baathification law in post-Saddam-era Iraq. The original bill was passed in May 2013, under pressure from armed groups who surrounded public buildings […]

LIA Boss Replaced due to Political Isolation Law

The Board of Trustees of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) has announced the appointment of Mr Abdurahman Benyezza as acting Chairman of the Board of Directors and acting CEO of the Libyan Investment Authority. Mr Benyezza is already a Board Director at LIA and senior advisor to the Libyan Oil and Gas Ministry, having previously […]

Provisional Results Elections Announced

The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) has issued the provisional results of the elections for the House for Representatives. Candidates and others now have two days to appeal them. The head of HNEC, Emad Al-Sayeh, also announced that 12 seats had not been filled, such as Rigdaleen – Zultan, where 200 votes separated the two […]

Rethinking Libya’s Political Isolation Law

Personnel Change or Personal Change? Rethinking Libya’s Political Isolation Law Nearly three years after the fall of the Qaddafi regime, Libya’s revolution has stalled. Militias continue to run rampant as the government struggles to perform basic functions. Theoretically to protect the revolution, Libya passed its Political Isolation Law (PIL) in May 2013, effectively banning anyone […]

Unintended Consequences of Libya's New Law

As we prepare our weekly newsletter this morning, the General National Congress (GNC) is in the process of electing a new President to succeed Mohammed Magariaf, who resigned as a result of the new 'political isolation law'. Ten candidates have put their names forward. That Mr Magariaf should have had to resign is seen by […]

What Will a New President Bring?

So Mohammed Magariaf [Magarief] is no longer President of the General National Council (GNC), having fallen foul of the new Political Isolation Law intended to keep all former Gaddafi-era officials out of public office. According to a report from America's Fox News, one of the front runners in the race to succeed him is a […]

Political Isolation Law: Magarief Resigns

The President of Libya’s General National Congress, Mohamed Magarief [Magariaf] has submitted his resignation as a result of the controversial law banning all those who worked in senior posts with Gaddafi’s regime. Critics of the so-called ‘political isolation’ law say it is unconstitutional, but Mr. Magarief said in a speech at a plenary session of […]

PM Nominates new Interior Minister

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan (pictured) has nominated Mohamed Khalifa Sheikh to the position of Interior Minister, and asked the General National Congress (GNC) to swear him into office as soon as possible, probably on Sunday. Sheikh replaces Ashour Shuail [Shuwail], who resigned following the passing of the Political Isolation Law. Shuail, who has a PhD […]