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Libya's Ministers: Are They Worth It?

Opening the Italy-Libya Economic Forum in Rome last week, Italy’s Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said: "Security, physical and judicial, is essential ... safeguarding investments is as important as profitability. Many enterprises are ready to strengthen their presence in Libya, but they are waiting for an improvement of the general conditions of security." Little could he […]

New Ministerial Salaries Announced

The government has set the new official salary levels for cabinet members and ministers, reports Libya Herald. Government Resolution No. 203 (2013) sets the payments as follows: Deputy Prime Ministers: LD 9,500 ($7,600); Ministers: LD 9,000 ($7,200); Cabinet Consultants/Advisors: LD 7,500 ($6,000); Deputy Ministers: LD 7,000 ($5,600); Assistant Deputy Ministers: LD 6,000 ($4,800); (Source: Libya […]