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Medserv Wins Contract with OMV Libya

By John Lee. Austria's OMV has awarded Medserv a contract to provide international freight forwarding services in Libya. Medserv will provide services for the transportation of goods and drilling related equipment from global sites to specified locations in Libya using the Medserv facilities at the Malta Freeport as a logistics hub in the supply chain. […]

Medserv to continue Supporting Eni's Libya Operations

Malta's Medserv has announced that company have been re-awarded a contract by Eni North Africa (EniNa) to provide logistics base and associated services for its exploration activities taking place offshore and onshore Libya. The contract duration is for a period of one year with the possibility of extending for another year. This contract comes into […]

Medserv Continues to Win Business in Libya

Malta's Medserv has announced that Group continued to secure contracts with multinational oil service companies in Libya. Medserv Libya signed a tripartite agreement with a leading international oil company and a leading rig operator to support activity offshore Libya. Further agreements have also been signed with other leading International service companies, covering supply vessel support, […]

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Medserv Optimistic on Libya Business

Malta-based oil logistics firm Medserv has said that operations at its Misurata base continue, but at a very low level. According to a report from Malta Independent, work has also commenced on one of the two offshore contracts announced earlier this year relating to drilling offshore Libya, and the other is due to start in […]

Medserv Cautiously Positive on Libya

Malta-based oil logistics firm Medserv has said its Malta base has been kept busy as oil companies prepare for upcoming projects in the Mediterranean, particularly offshore Libya. The recently set-up maintenance unit has now successfully completed its second major maintenance contract in Libya and further work has been obtained for the second half of the […]

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Medserv Suffers from Libyan Unrest

Malta-based Medserv plc has blamed reduced revenues on instability in Libya, reports Malta Today. The company's revenue dropped from €9.2 million in 2011 to €6.7 million last year, which also saw an operating loss, after charging depreciation, of €503,868. Whilst production levels of oil and gas from existing fields in Libya have now reached pre-war […]

Medserv Expands Management for Libyan Opportunities

Medserv plc has set up a new division to cater to niche activity that has presented itself post conflict in Libya. The company is expanding its portfolio of services, and now provide maintenance of plant and equipment in the oil and gas sector to clients demanding the high standard expected in the industry. The Company […]

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Medserv Prepares for Upturn in Libyan Exploration

Medserv plc has continued to strengthen its expansion programme despite the difficult market conditions that have continued to prevail due to the security concerns in Libya. “Significant progress has been registered in Libya with regards to the political situation after the successful elections of recent, although the security situation is still a concern.” said Mr […]