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New Oil Tenders

By John Lee. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has advertised new tenders: Construction of Fire Training Ground Facility at Ghanfooda, Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) Provision of Heat Exchangers Dedicated Services at Mellitah Complex , Mellitah Oil & Gas Takaful Medical Fund Management Services, Mabruk Oil Operations (Source: National Oil Corporation) (Picture: Call for tender written […]

LNA resumes Pre-Emptive Airstrikes in the Oil Crescent

Following a number of indicators that a new offensive against the oil crescent was being planned, the Libyan National Army (LNA) resumed pre-emptive airstrikes last week against targets in Jufra and Mabruk oilfield. It is understood that both BDB and GNA MoD 12 Brigade were targeted in a series of strikes starting on 09 February. […]

Oilfields 'Seized by Militants'

BBC News reports that Islamist militants have seized the al-Bahi and al-Mabruk oilfields in central Libya. Forces guarding the sites are said to have retreated after running out of ammunition. Colonel Ali al-Hassi, of the Petroleum Facilities Guards (PFG), said the militants are now heading to seize the al-Dahra field. (Source: BBC News) (Militant image via […]

Ponticelli to Pull Out of Libya

French pipeline company Ponticelli to pull out of Libya because of insecurity, according to a report from UPI. Libya Herald says the company pulled out the last of its 43 employees working at the Mabrouk field in the Sirte Basin at the end of March. It has been a subcontractor for Mabruk Oil, the joint […]

TOTAL Eager to Invest in Libya

In the months leading up to the North Africa Oil and Gas Summit 2012, Jean Daniel Blasco, Vice President of TOTAL E&P North Africa participated in an interview with The Energy Exchange to discuss the organization's opportunities in Libya and North Africa. Libya has commenced activities on rebuilding its economy at an accelerated rate. The […]