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Huawei, Hatif Libya, Sign $5.2m Contract

The Libyan phone company Hatif Libya has signed a LD 6.5-million [$5.2-million] contract with Chinese telecoms company Huawei for a cable maintenance and expansion project link in Wahat region. According to Libya Herald, the project is for maintenance of the existing offshore underwater cable and the installation of a “next generation” digital cable between Ajdabiya […]

Kufra Roads to be Repaired

The Ministry of Housing and Utilities has reportedly granted permission for the repair of nine main roads and a cemetery in the city of Kufra. Roads to be repaired include the roundabout road, the station road, the new kufra road, Asusa Qarter road, and Hawary gate road. (Source: Libyan Investment) (Photo Credit: Tore Kjeilen at […]

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