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Libya to Pay Half of Debt to Turkish Contractors

Hurriyet Daily News reports that Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan [Zidan] (pictured) has promised to pay the first half of its government debt to Turkish contractors, but demanded more time to make the other half of the payment. He said, "as Turkish companies come back to Libya to conduct businesses the payments will be done, […]

Libya "Looking to Hire Yemeni Workers"

The Libyan embassy in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, has reached agreement with the Yemeni Ministry of Expatriate Affairs to enable significant numbers of Yemenis to work in Libya, according to Libya Herald. News agency LANA says the Yemeni Expatriate Affairs Minister, Mujahid Al-Quhali, and the Libyan Ambassador in Sanaa, Ramadan Bazama, have agreed to set […]

600 Work Resumption Contracts Signed

The Libyan government has signed agreements with 600 contractors to resume work on housing units and related construction works. The Minister of Housing and Utilities, Ali Hassan Al-Sharif, has aid that the go-aheads have been signed after the contracts had been re-evaluated by the 'Commission of Twenty' which had investigated their propriety. Fifty percent of […]

Skilled Workers Needed at Azzawiya Oil Refinery

The sub-tenders committee at Azzawiya Oil Refinery [Zawia] is looking for highly skilled and qualified technical personnel to carry out maintenance activities at Azzawiya Refinery and at Benghazi Asphalt plant. The categories of technical personnel are as follows: (*) One welder & one fabricator shall be placed at Benghazi Asphalt Plant, Benghazi, Libya. We are […]

Getting the Balance Right

Libyan authorities have announced in recent days that all foreign visitors to the country must have a visa, something which was not previously required for travellers from countries such as Tunisia, Turkey and Jordan. Additionally, only Egyptians and Libyans are to be allowed to use the border crossing at Musaid. While the intention is ostensibly […]

Libya Clamps Down on Immigrants, Visitors

Libya Herald reports that all foreign visitors to Libya will in future require visas. The decision by Interior Minister Ashour Shuwail will apply to visitors from Tunisia, Turkey and Jordan, who until now have not required visas to visit the country. The move is part of a wider clampdown on immigration, including a ruling that […]

Skills Shortage Delays Home Improvements

A lack of skilled tradesmen is said to be restricting business in Benghazi's construction sector, according to a report from Libya Herald. The general manager of Danube Libya, the UAE-based building supplies group, said he plans to start a marketing campaign to encourage more do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvements, and has also set up a customer […]

15% Unemployment Reported in Libya

The Libyan Ministry of Labour estimates that the proportion of unemployed in Libya is now 15 percent of the total workforce. The total number unemployed is about 400,000, of whom about 149,000 have university degrees. A report to be presented to the Parliament on the current situation also speaks about the current challenges for over […]