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Central Bank sees 18% Growth in 2013

The governor of Libya's central bank has said that despite the unrest in the country, he expects the economy to grow 18 percent this year. Saddek Omar Elkaber (pictured) added that inflation would hover between 2 and 3 percent. Unlike other countries that went through Arab Spring uprisings, Libya has oil reserves and accumulated oil […]

CBL Governor Optimistic on Libya’s Economy

The Governor of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), Saddek Elkaber (pictured), said that he was very optimistic about the Libyan economy in 2013, reports Libya Herald. He told SkyNewsArabia that the CBL’s overseas frozen assets of around $126 billion had all been released and that releasing them does not mean that Libya is going […]

Libya's Prosperous Future

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has just given its opinion on the state of the Libyan economy, and it makes for interesting reading. To take just a few examples: Hydrocarbon production is close to 90 percent of the pre-conflict level, and should have fully recovered in the coming year; Non-resource sectors have also seen a […]

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Regional Growth Flattered by Libyan Recovery - IMF

The IMF reports that the Middle East and Central Asian region’s oil-exporting countries are expected to post solid growth in 2012, largely on account of Libya’s better-than-expected post-conflict recovery: Libya’s post-revolution recovery in hydrocarbon production has advanced faster than expected, reaching close to 90 percent of the pre-conflict level. Despite daunting challenges in the aftermath […]

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