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Latest Oil Tenders

By John Lee. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has advertised new tenders: External Offshore Pipeline (OPL) Survey, GreenStream B.V. Upgrade of Let-Down Station for Local Market Gas Supply, GreenStream B.V. Construction of 20 Housing Unit Blocks (TP-209111-X), Sirte Oil Company (SOC) (Source: National Oil Corporation)

Greenstream Restart Delayed Another Week

By John Lee. Gas exports to Italy via the Greenstream pipeline have reportedly been pushed back by another week. According to Platts, flow is expected resume by Saturday 5th May, following a planned break since 2nd April to integrate gas production from a new phase of the Bahr Essalam offshore gas field. Greenstream was exporting at […]

New Tenders from National Oil Corporation

By John Lee. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has advertised new career opportunities in Libya: Fog/jet fixed monitors (tender extension), Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) Twin-agent firefighting units (tender extension), Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) Electric motorized valves (tender extension), Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) Engineering Services for Sarir/Messla/Majad Electrical Network (K-47), Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) […]

GreenStream Tender for Maintenance at Mellitah

# Pre-Qual. 001/17/GSLB Maintenance Services & Running Operation Assistance for Mellitah Gas Compression Station (MGCS) PREQUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS I.                  Conditions for participation Applications are to be submitted by single Contractors (“Applicants”) specialized in the maintenance services of gas plants and/or gas compressor stations. The Company will not accept any Applications that will not fulfill the full […]

ENI Workers Block GreenStream Pipeline

ENI workers in the Sicilian city of Gela have taken over a terminal bringing natural gas through the GreenStream pipeline from Libya in protest against company plans to revoke a promised 700-million-euro investment in the oil refinery where they work. Negotiations between Italy's unions and ENI broke down last week, leading refinery workers to ramp […]

Gunmen Attack Mellitah Gas Complex

Two people were wounded on Monday when armed men attacked the Mellitah oil and gas complex (pictured), 22 kilometres west of Zawia. One of the injured was reported to be the commander of the brigade responsible for the security of the plant, while the other was a soldier. As many as 20 military vehicles were […]

Gas Exports to Italy to Resume "in Next Few Days"

Gas exports from the Mellitah complex to Italy are expected to resume "in the next few days". Mellitah chairman Abdulfattah Shagan told Reuters on Wednesday that gas and oil operations had resumed at the Wafa fields, and the company was preparing to resume offshore gas production at Bahr Al-Salam [Bahr Es Salam, Bahr Essalam]. Gas exports […]

Mellitah Gas Plant Closed due to Clashes

Libya's Ministry of Defense has sent forces to secure the Mellitah gas facility in northwestern Libya after it was shut down because of clashes between rival militia, reports Reuters. Italian energy giant Eni suspended exports of gas via the Greenstream pipeline to Italy from the Mellitah complex, a joint venture between Eni and the National […]