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BP Requests Expressions of Interest for Ghadames

BP Exploration Libya Ltd has requested Expressions of Interest from qualifying contractors for the provision of Onshore Aerated Mud Drilling Package in support of BP’s forthcoming exploration drilling campaign in the onshore Ghadames Basin, South West of Tripoli. Scope of Work: Surface Equipment: Main Compressors Booster Compressor Rotating Control Head (RCD) Mist pump Chemical injection […]

A Game-Changing Decision in Libya

By Padraig O'Hannelly. Libya has temporarily closed its borders with Niger, Chad, Sudan and Algeria, and has declared emergency law in the seven southern regions of Ghadames, Ghat, Obari, Al-Shati, Sebha, Murzuq and Kufra. As it attempts to exercise its authority over the whole country, the General National Congress has decreed that these areas are […]

UNESCO supports Libyan Heritage with $2m Project

Libya Herald reports that UNESCO is to provide $2.26 million, in conjunction with the Libyan and Italian governments, for a two-year project to conserve historic sites, establish conservation laboratories and train more security staff to protect the country’s treasures. Roni Amelan, spokesman for UNESCO, told the news agency that projects would focus on training heritage […]

Sonatrach Pre-Qual for Seismic Data at Ghadames

Sonatrach intends to pre-qualify experienced and reputable contractors for its bid for 3D Land Seismic Data Processing Tender Ref: SH-PR01/2012 Contractors shall provide a sufficient hardware, software and qualified, experienced personnel to perform a service of land seismic data processing. This service will concern the 3D survey of about 970 sqkm in Area 095/096, Ghadames […]

Arab Contractors "to Restart Ghadames Road Project"

Libya Herald expects Cairo-based Arab Contractors Company, one of Egypt’s biggest corporations, to sign a new contract this week to restart work on a road project in Ghadames. According to a company official in Tripoli, the project had originally been awarded and work started before the revolution, but was then put on hold. Work on […]

Has Algeria’s Sonatrach Struck Oil in Libya?

Libya Herald reports that Algeria’s state-owned Sonatrach may become the first international company to announce a discovery from oil exploration started after the fall of the Gaddafi regime. Unconfirmed reports suggest the company has made its third discovery at Area 65 in the Ghadames Basin, an area in which it made two discoveries in 2009 […]

Tatneft Considers Return to Libya

Tatneft, the vertically-integrated Russian oil and gas company, is hoping to return to Libya when the situation there stabilizes, Interfax reports. "The situation in Libya is stabilizing more or less, but the matter of our workers' safety does not at this point allow a return to the region," said chief executive Shafagat Takhautdinov (pictured). Tatneft […]

BP to Start Libya Oil Exploration in 2013

A spokesman for oil giant BP said the company expects to start deep-sea drilling work off the coast of Libya next year, as it resumes a $2 billion exploration program halted by the overthrow of the Ghadhafi last year. According to the report from Dow Jones, the company, which lifted a freeze on activities in […]

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