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Libya Elections 2012: Libyans Vote for First Time in Nearly 50 Years

Elections in Libya will be held on July 7 to elect 200 members to the General National Congress (GNC) (Mutamar Al Chaab Al Aam). The GNC will replace the interim government of the National Transitional Council. For these 200 seats, more than 2500 independent candidates and 142 political entities are in the fray. Some of the […]

Libyan elections set for 7 July

Campaigning has started last week in Libya as the first direct elections since former leader Muammar Gaddafi assumed power over 40 years ago are set to take place on July 7.  Libyans will vote in a 200-member General National Congress that will be tasked with overseeing the government, drafting a constitution and overseeing new executive […]