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Liberals Defeat Islamists in Libyan Elections

Libya's High National Elections Commission (HNEC) has announced the final results of the parliamentary elections held on 25th June. The results are for "individual candidates", with parties and lists were disallowed, and according to a report from AFP the future make-up of the 200-seat parliament will only be known after the formation of political blocs. […]

Parliament to be Moved to Benghazi

Libya is to press ahead with plans to move the country's parliament from Tripoli to Benghazi, despite a collapse in law and order in the city. According to a report from Reuters, the plan is part of efforts to rebuild state authority in the underdeveloped east, neglected by Libyan governments for decades. Justice Minister Saleh […]

GNC Extends Mandate until End-2014

The General National Congress (GNC) has extended its mandate until 24th December, 2014. The body was originally given 18 months to draft a constitution and manage the country on an interim basis; that mandate was due to expire in February. There were demonstrations in Tripoli, Benghazi and Beida against the “preliminary extension”, which was passed […]

Congress Vote Themselves $36k Car Loans

Libya Herald reports that members of Libya's General National Congress have voted themselves a loan of 45,000 dinars ($36,000) for the purpose of buying cars. Resolution No. 46 will take effect from 1 November. The loan repayments will be deducted directly from members’ monthly allowances -- currently 10,500 dinars -- which are intended to cover […]

Libya council to cede power peacefully

Libya’s interim authorities said they would hand over power to a newly elected congress Wednesday. “We affirm that Aug. 8, 2012, will be the day that power will be transferred peacefully,” Saleh Darhoub, spokesman for the outgoing National Transitional Council, told journalists in Tripoli early Monday. Libyans cast ballots on July 7 in their first […]

Libya's new government to take power soon

Libya's National Transitional Council said it expects to transfer power to the new General National Congress Wednesday. Council member Othman Ben Sassi said Thursday the time between the July 7 election, and the announcements of preliminary and final results was long enough for anyone to challenge the results, the Tripoli Post said. Nouri Alabaar, chief […]

Libya election turnout 60 per cent

Turnout in Libya’s first free national election in decades after the ouster of dictator Muammar Gaddafi was 60 per cent, the electoral commission said Saturday, quoting preliminary figures. “We are continuing to receive reports (from polling stations), but the number of voters has reached 1.6 million, 60 per cent of voters,” the head of the […]

Q&A: Libya's General National Congress election

Around 2.9 million Libyans will head to the polls on 7 July to elect a General National Congress as part of efforts to create a new political system after the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi. What is the congress' role? The upcoming General National Congress (GNC) will replace Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC), the country's interim […]