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Bangladesh Closes Embassy in Libya

Bangladesh has reportedly suspended diplomatic operations in Libya, and relocated its staff to Tunisia. The government also asked all Bangladesh nationals, including migrant workers, not to travel to Libya because of the worsening security situation. The Bangladeshi foreign ministry said it was monitoring the overall situation in Libya closely. (Source: bdnews24.com) (Bangladesh image via Shutterstock)

New UK Ambassador to Libya

Mr Peter Millett CMG has been appointed as the British Ambassador to Libya, in succession to Mr Michael Aron, who will become the United Kingdom's Ambassador to Sudan in July. Mr Millett will take up his appointment during July 2015. Mr Millett has served in Doha, UKRep Brussels, Athens, Nicosia and Amman. On his appointment […]

Tunisia to Reopen Diplomatic Ties with Libya

Tunisia is preparing to re-establish relations with Libya. Middle East Eye reports that the Tunisian foreign minister said that they would establish a consulate in the capital Tripoli, as well as in the second eastern city of Benghazi. Before sending officials, he said he was waiting for confirmation from the Tobruk-based government, the House of […]

Italy Shuts Libyan Embassy

Italy's Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, has announced the closure of the country's embassy in Tripoli and the evacuation of its staff, due to the "deteriorating situation in Libya." 44 Italians were taken home on Sunday on a Virtu Ferries catamaran chartered by the Italian government. On Sunday, the Italian coast guard rescued nearly 2,200 migrants […]

Belarus to Close Embassy in Libya

Belarus is to suspend operations at its diplomatic mission in Libya, according to a report from Belta. The Foreign Ministry explained that the Embassy of Belarus in the Libyan capital Tripoli is not operating due to the escalation of the military conflict in the country. In case of need, Belarusian citizens should address the embassies […]

Malta Recalls Diplomats

Malta's Ministry for Foreign Affairs has announced that the two remaining diplomats who were still manning the Malta Embassy in Tripoli were asked to return to Malta and arrived this afternoon (Monday). Last week, the Ministry also asked its Ambassador to Libya to come to Malta for political consultations. In their statement dated 17th November […]

Russia Considers Re-Opening Embassy

A task group of Russian diplomats arrived in Tripoli on Sunday to discuss the resumption of operations of the Russian Embassy. All staff and family members were evacuated from the compound after gunmen attacked it in October. According to a report from Voice of Russia, the attention will be focused on the provision of the […]

China Appoints New Ambassador

President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, has announced the appointment of a new Ambassador to Libya: Li Zhiguo will replace Wang Wangsheng. Mr Li was previously the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Republic of South Sudan. (Source: APO)