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Libya opens registration for assembly vote

Libya on Tuesday opened voter and candidate registration centres, in another step towards its goal of holding elections for a constituent assembly in June. "Registration for voters and candidates opened today," Nuri Abbar, head of the electoral committee, told AFP. The vote will mark the first nationwide poll after decades of dictatorship under Moamer Kadhafi, […]


Libya leader says government to stay put until elections

Libya's ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) decided on Sunday to keep the interim government in power in the run up to a June election, its leader said, quashing rumors of a reshuffle that has sowed uncertainty in the strife-torn state. The NTC is the unelected body internationally recognized as the ultimate power in the country […]

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Libya bans religious, tribal or ethnic parties

Libya, preparing for elections in June, has banned parties based on religion, tribe or ethnicity, the government said on Wednesday, and a new Islamist party viewed as a leading contender signaled it would challenge the decision. National Transitional Council spokesman Mohammed al-Harizy said the council passed the law governing the formation of political parties on […]

Libya tries to hold off rise of religious parties with new election rules

Despite a proliferation of newly established parties of all stripes, alarm has spread within Libya that the faultlines throw open by the experiment with democracy will boil down to competing religious or regional loyalties. Members of the Transitional National Council (TNC) backed guidelines that stipulated parties must have a national following and eschew funding from […]

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Libyan Elections 2012: Underlying Challenges and Prospects

In less than 100 days Libya will witness the first elections since 1964 to elect the National Assembly that will replace the National Transitional Council, NTC, in running the country, and these elections are organised in a country that has experienced an armed conflict following a peaceful popular uprising that resulted in the overthrow of […]

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Libyan capital prepares to elect local council

The Libyan capital will elect its local council by May 5 in its first poll since the ouster of Moamer Gathafi, the deputy chairman of the Tripoli council announced on Sunday. The Tripoli council will keep its current format and comprise 10 representatives, one from each of the capital's districts, along with a chairman and […]

City hopes to set elections standards in Libya

On the bullet-scarred buildings of Libya's third largest city, new posters have appeared in the last few weeks bearing messages its citizens have never seen before. "Just as you were present on the front line, be there for the election," say some. Banners in the windows of shops below charred walls ask: "If you don't […]