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Libya still owes Jordan $300m in Unpaid Medical Bills

By John Lee. Private hospitals in Jordan are reportedly still owed up to $300 million for the treatment of injured Libyans during the civil war. The head of Jordan's Private Hospital Association (PHA), Fawzi Hammouri (pictured), told The Jordan Times: "The problem is that we are dealing ... with [multiple sources] in Libya, and not […]

Libya to pay $300m Medical Debt to Jordan

By John Lee. Khalifa Hafter, the head of the Libya National Army (LNA), has reportedly agreed to pay outstanding debts of $300 million owed to Jordanian hospitals. According to Middle East Monitor, Jordan’s Private Hospitals Association raised the issue last week with a visiting Libyan delegation. The report says: "The debts are believed to have accumulated […]

Libya to Pay Half of Debt to Turkish Contractors

Hurriyet Daily News reports that Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan [Zidan] (pictured) has promised to pay the first half of its government debt to Turkish contractors, but demanded more time to make the other half of the payment. He said, "as Turkish companies come back to Libya to conduct businesses the payments will be done, […]

Libya to pay half of fighter care

The Libyan government will settle half of the 150-million-euro bill for the care of rebel fighters in Greece and will only release the remainder of the money once it is satisfied there has not been any over-charging, according to the country’s charge d’affaires in Athens. Greek and Libyan authorities have been in negotiations for two […]

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