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Protecting Freedom of Expression in Libya

From Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL). Protect Freedom of Expression of Media Practitioners in Libya On World Press Freedom Day, LFJL remains deeply concerned by the restrictions imposed on media practitioners in Libya and reiterates its call to the Libyan state to protect freedom of expression and to guarantee media practitioners’ ability to conduct […]

Journalist Jailed for Defamation

A Tripoli court has sentenced the editor-in-chief of the private Al-Ummah [Al-Umma] newspaper to five years in jail, after the publication of a list of the names of 87 judges and prosecutors he claimed were corrupt. Amara Abdallah al-Khitabi [Omar Khatabi], 68, was sentenced in abstentia and fined 250,000 Libyan dinars ($210,000) for defamation and […]

LTT Blocks Pornographic Websites

Libya Telecom and Technology (LTT) has blocked nearly a million pornographic websites from being viewed in Libya. According to a report from Libya Herald, the move follows a directive from the government criminalising the distribution and display to the general public of material deemed offensive. Responding to the government’s insistence that its directive must not […]