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Al Madar Signs High-Speed Internet Deal

The Al-Madar company has signed an agreement to provide a 3G telecommunications system in Libya. It was signed by the Minister of Communications and Informatics, Anwar Faitouri, and Al-Madar's Chairman Jamal Alhajaj. The company will provide data speeds of up to 42 Mbps using HSPA+ technology, which will allow much better internet access, including watching […]

Italian Company to Install Fiber-Optic Network

Italian networking and engineering company Sirti has reportedly won a contract to build a long-distance fiber-optic network in Libya. According to Dow Jones Italian service, the Libyan Minister of Telecommunications, Anwar Elfeitori; the Italian Ambassador to Tripoli, Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi; and the CEO of Sirti, Stefano Lorenzi, attended the launch of the new venture. Sirti will […]

Opportunities for Internet Infrastructure in Tripoli and Benghazi

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency has determined, based on technical evaluation and determination of cost realism, that an unsolicited proposal entitled Facilitation of Establishment of Internet Exchange Points in Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya has technical merit; is available to the Government without restriction from another source; does not closely resemble a pending competitive acquisition […]

Etisalat showcases its vision on the 'Broadband for all' TEDx Tripoli

Libyan Prime Minister Adurrahim Elkieb opened last week TEDx Tripoli, the first major conference to be held in Libya following the revolution, which attracted a passionate panel of business leaders, entrepreneurs and educationalists. Etisalat chairman Mohammed Omran attended opened today TEDx Tripoli which was held on February 13, accompanied by a high level delegation from […]