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Ministers Discuss Development of Azzawiah Refinery

A meeting was held on Saturday at the Ministry of Oil and Gas between the Minister of Oil and Gas Dr. Abdulbari Alarusi [Al Arusi], and the Minister of Communications and Transport Abdulqader Mohammed Ahmed, to address the development and expansion of Azzawiah [Zawiya] port and refinery. The meeting included discussion on increasing capacity and […]

Egypt’s Oil Minister Visits Zawiya Refinery

Egypt’s Oil Minister has reportedly met with the management of Libya’s Zawia [Zawiya] Oil Refinery (pictured), in what is understood to be a series of field visits by the Egyptian oil ministry to various oil production sites in Libya. According to reports from LANA, the meeting included the NOC Chairman Nuri Berruien [Nuri Balrwin], head […]

Libyan Ex-Rebels Lift Refinery Blockade

Former Libyan rebels have lifted their blockade of the country’s biggest oil refinery, Zawiyah [Zawiya, Zawia, Azzawia, Azzawiya] , after closing it off to demand medical treatment for injuries from last year’s war. Imed bin Kura, the facility’s head, said on Friday that the sit-in held by protesters since Wednesday ended on Thursday night around […]

Strike Averted at Zawiya Refinery

The employees of the Zawiya Oil Refining Company averted a strike and operations were reported to be running on schedule on Wednesday, but a small demonstration demanding better security for their company would be held. Earlier this week, a group of war veterans demanding better government compensation and medical treatment blocked the entrance to the refinery […]

Sit-in at Zawiyah Refinery Costs $30m

Wounded civil war veterans have blockaded Libya’s Zawiyah [Zawiya, Zawia, Azzawia] refinery demanding better medical treatment, in a move that has already cost the country at least $30 million in three days. Outgoing deputy oil minister Omar al-Shakmak told AFP that the losses were due to the interruption of operations at the refinery, which supplies […]

Pre-Qual Tender for Maintenance Work at Azzawiya Refinery

Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc. (ARC) located 45 KM west of Tripoli, Libya has invited specialized and capable national and international companies to apply for their prequalification for the above project. A summary of the works is as follows : 1. Project Description The maintenance works for the above heaters shall include, but not limited […]