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New Oil Tenders

By John Lee. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has advertised new tenders: Cleaning and Deepening of Brega Port, Sirte Oil Company (SOC) Stock Take of Entire Inventory, Sirte Oil Company (SOC) Provision of Potable Water to Offshore Fields, Mellitah Oil and Gas Installation of Closed-Circuit Television System, Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC) (Source: NOC)

ARC Extends Pre-Qual Deadline for Waste Treatment

The Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC) has extended its invitation to local and international companies that are specialized in the field of Treatment of Oily Waste Sludge, and that are capable and competent to execute the required works to be mentioned hereunder. Such companies should present their profile with all required documents as per the […]

Tender for Sludge Treatment at Azzwiya Oil Refinery

The Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC) has invitated local and international companies specializing in the field of treatment of oily waste sludge, and that are capable and competent to execute the required works outlined below. Such companies should present their profile with all required documents as per the terms and conditions for the purpose of […]

Environmental Impact Assessment for Azzawiya Oil Refining

Azzawiya Oil Refining Company Inc. (ARC), and nearby companies tend to perform an environmental impact assessment (EIA )for refinery and vicinity areas Brief of Scope of Works: Bidder shall visit  The site, survey and collect drawing and information(geographic, social …etc, for refinery & vicinity areas, Brega, Akakos and Golf Companies). The assessment of impact are […]

ARC Extends Deadline for Supply of Pumps

The Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC), a subsidiary of National Oil Corporation (NOC) of Libya, as extended the deadline for the tender to supply 21 pumps (Tender No. AZR/26/140699) until Thursday 9th July, 2015, at 12:00 pm. Further details can be found here. (Source: NOC)

Azzawiya Refinery Invites Firms for Pre-Qual

The Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC) intends to issue a pre-qualification to enter into a long-term contract for the provision of Personal Protective Equipment PPE as per below List of Material and Specification and wishes to invite international manufacturers or their official agents to submit their complete pre-qualification documents for evaluation and preparation of the […]

Al-Arusi Announces New Refinery

By John Lee. Libya plans to increase its oil refining capacity and to develop petrochemical industries that generate jobs, according to a report from AFP. Minister of Oil and Gas, Dr. Abdulbari Alarusi [Al Arusi] told the agency: “Libya imports 70 percent of its fuel needs, something which is not normal for a country which […]

Skilled Workers Needed at Azzawiya Oil Refinery

The sub-tenders committee at Azzawiya Oil Refinery [Zawia] is looking for highly skilled and qualified technical personnel to carry out maintenance activities at Azzawiya Refinery and at Benghazi Asphalt plant. The categories of technical personnel are as follows: (*) One welder & one fabricator shall be placed at Benghazi Asphalt Plant, Benghazi, Libya. We are […]