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Akakus Tenders for Health Insurance Pre-Qual

Akakus Oil Operations (formerly Repsol Oil Operations) has declared for tender pre-qualification of Commercial Health Insurance and Islamic Jointly [Mutual] (Takaful) Insurance for its employees and their family members including parents, totaling 7778 members. The Local, Joint And Global Companies specialized and competent in this field, and have the technical and financial resources for the […]

Disruptions Cut Libyan Oil Output

New protests have shut down several Libyan oilfields, cutting output by around a third, reports Reuters. Workers calling for management change shut down production at several fields belonging to Zueitina Oil Company on Monday.  The protest started at the 103 D field then spread to the 103 A and Zala oilfields, and has now spread […]

Akakus Tender for Well Casing, Tubing

Akakus Oil Operations (formerly Repsol Oil Operations) is seeking to pre-qualify manufacturers and/or exclusive official agents only, who are capable of supplying well casing and tubing: The Scope of supply consists of: Well Casing, 20”, 94 ppf, K 55 Well Tubing, 3 ½”, 9.3 ppf, J 55 Qualification Requirements Interested companies for this tender must […]

Repsol Discusses Exploration Plans in Libya

Platts reports that the chairman of Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) and held a meeting with a senior delegation from Spain's Repsol to discuss the company's exploration and production plans in Libya. Repsol's equity share of oil output from its Libyan concessions amounted to 14.07 million barrels of crude oil in 2012, and it accounts […]