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Dairy Firm "could close within two months"

By John Lee. Libya’s main producer of yoghurt and laban ( a traditional strained yoghurt) may have to stop production if it continues to be unable access new letters of credit from the Central Bank of Libya (CBL). Al-Naseem's CEO Mohamed Raied told the Libya Herald that the company held six months’ worth of stocks, […]

Libya Farmers Face Major Losses

Farmers in Libya's south are reportedly suffering from major losses as a result of the continuing violence in Tripoli. An official at the Libyan Ministry of Agriculture in the southern city of Sabha [Sebha] told Anadolu news agency that farmers in the south usually transfer their produce to Tripoli, but the closure of Tripoli's key […]

Libya: Govt and FAO Renew Commitment to Develop the Country's Agriculture and Food Security

 Libya and FAO have commited themselves to work together to develop the country's agricultural sector and improve food security, signing a cooperation agreement at FAO headquarters. Under the agreement, Libya will provide $71 million in funding needed to develop different areas, such as plant and animal health and production, pesticide management, seed development, natural resource […]

FAO inks two development agreements with Saudi Arabia, Libya

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) signed two agreements on Thursday worth a total of over USD 173 million with Saudi Arabia and Libya to bolster technical cooperation and support food security and the protection of natural resources in these nations. Saudi Arabia is to allocate USD 66.7 million to implement FAO's technical assistance projects […]

Agriculture, food firms eye business in Tripoli

Turkish firms have shown great interest in the ongoing “Libya International Agriculture and Marine Fishery Exhibition” in the Libyan capital city of Tripoli, an exhibition which serves as another sign of the normalization of the restructuring country. A total of 51 Turkish companies are taking part in the fair. Libya found the attendance of the […]

Turkish Food and Agriculture Firms in Libya

Libya is returning to 'normal life' in post-Gadhafi era. Turkish firms showed high interest to 'Libya International Agriculture and Marine Fishery Exhibition' which takes place in capital city of Tripoli. A total of 51 Turkish companies join the fair and started to work on expanding their business contacts. Opening of the exhibition was held by […]

Under Libya: Riches More Precious Than Oil

Libya’s new government may look beyond oil, to water, as it builds a longer-term economic future for the nation’s young population. An enormous geological store of water, the Nubian Aquifer, sits below Libya, Egypt, Chad and Sudan. It may hold as much as 500 years of the Nile’s flow, most of which accumulated during the Pleistocene epoch, as […]