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PM heads Libya delegation to Morocco

Libya's interim premier Abdel Rahim al-Kib will visit Morocco on Tuesday for a two-day visit due to focus on the crisis in Mali, the Maghreb and economic cooperation, an official in Rabat told AFP. "The situation in the Maghreb, in Mali, in the Sahel, as well as in the Moroccan (Western) Sahara" will be discussed […]

Libya's Keib predicts bright future for investors

Prime Minister Abdelrahim al-Keib predicted a bright future for foreign investment in Libya especially in the oil sector whose infrastructure needs to be overhauled. He wants to work on the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry... (an) area for projects for companies that might be interested so that we can increase production levels," he […]

Factbox: How will Libya's national assembly elections work?

Libyans head to the polls on July 7 to elect a national assembly in the nation's first election in a generation almost a year after ousting Muammar Gaddafi in a NATO-backed rebellion. Below are some facts about the Libyan election and the role of the new national assembly: THE VOTE - 200 seats in the national […]

Libyan Premier Says 2.5 Million Registered to Vote in Election

Libyan Prime Minister Abdurrahim el- Keib said that more than 2.5 million Libyans have already registered to vote in elections in June for a national legislature tasked with writing a new constitution. “Work is continuing in order to complete the final preparations so that the elections will be held on time,” el- Keib said at […]

Libya PM office attacked by gunmen

The office of Libya's interim prime minister in the capital, Tripoli, has been attacked by gunmen believed to be ex-rebels demanding payment. Mohamed Alsabee, from the PM's media office, has told the BBC there was gunfire inside the building. A dozen pick-up trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns are surrounding the building, says the BBC's Rana […]

Libya's Agoco says may stop output due to protests

Libya's Arabian Gulf Oil Company (Agoco) may halt production of crude if authorities do not put an end by Thursday to protests that have closed off its headquarters for a week, a company spokesman said. Protesters have prevented Agoco employees from entering its Benghazi-based office since last Monday, calling for more transparency over how Libya's […]

Islamic insurance body visits Libya

A delegation from the Islamic Corporation for Insurance and Investment, part of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), has visited the Libyan Exports Development Centre. The Libya Herald reports the delegation was met by the director of the centre, Ali Owheyda, and the head of its exporters’ support office. The visit aimed at finding ways of […]

Libya's ruling council fires cabinet

Libya's interim ruling council has fired the nation's cabinet just five months after it took office, citing incompetence. National Transitional Council official Fathi Baja told The Associated Press on Thursday that 65 of the NTC's 72-members approved a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keib in a meeting on Wednesday. It's the latest blow to […]