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Libyan wins right to sue UK Govt

By John Lee. The UK's Supreme Court has ruled this morning that the British government, and former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, may be sued by a former Libyan dissident. Abdul-Hakim Belhaj alleges that MI6 helped the United States kidnap him and his pregnant wife in Bangkok in March 2004, returning them to Tripoli where they both […]

It’s over to you, Dr Jibril

Mahmoud Jibril’s emphatic victory, in the political party list of the Libyan elections, has been widely reported, and his success is no exaggeration. In a race involving 374 party lists, Dr Jibril’s alliance won just under 50 per cent of the 80 seats reserved for parties alone. But he won an even greater percentage of […]

Where it went wrong for Libya's Islamists

With most of the votes counted, a political bloc with a distinctly liberal air looks set to build a coalition and lead the new government in Libya, raising hard questions among the Islamist parties trailing in their wake. A coalition, led by the former prime minister Mahmoud Jibril dominated the party poll in the elections. In one […]

Q&A: Libya's General National Congress election

Around 2.9 million Libyans will head to the polls on 7 July to elect a General National Congress as part of efforts to create a new political system after the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi. What is the congress' role? The upcoming General National Congress (GNC) will replace Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC), the country's interim […]

Libya's Belhadj quits military post for politics

Libyan Islamist commander Abdel Hakim Belhadj has resigned his military post in a bid to enter politics. Mr Belhadj, a key brigade leader in the 2011 toppling of Col Gaddafi, plans to run in elections next month. He is a former member of an Islamist insurgent group which sought to overthrow Gaddafi in the 1990s. […]