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Weekly Security Review

Tripoli The security situation in Tripoli remains good. In general, the attitude towards Western personnel is positive, however, AKE sources on the ground have highlighted that there are still some people who view Westerners as working for foreign agencies and involved in subversive activities. This is likely to improve as more Westerners come into the […]

Weekly Security Review

Tripoli The security situation in Tripoli is described as positive. However, AKE sources on the ground have reported an increasing degree of frustration among the population over the speed at which the NTC has been able to make positive progress. If the situation is not seen to improve markedly over the coming weeks, there is […]

AKE Lowers Libya Risk Rating

AKE has lowered the security risk rating for Libya following an improvement in conditions in recently liberated parts of the country. It is now rated at 35 on AKE’s 1-100 scale which is a notable improvement from the ratings of 63 and 64 which the country was assigned between March and October.   However, the rating denotes […]

Foreign Firms Warned in North Africa

Terrorists in North Africa may be preparing for renewed attacks against foreign interests. US officials received intelligence last week suggesting forthcoming attacks in Algeria, while terrorists may have acquired new weaponry during the chaos of the Libyan conflict.   Local sources claim that potential targets include foreign oil firms operating in North Africa and the […]

New Risk Report on Libya

AKE has published a new report outlining security, travel and political risks in Libya. The report is aimed at helping the many companies looking to do business in the country. The situation remains in a state of flux with an uncertain outlook for its security and political risk environment. However, AKE expects conditions to improve […]

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Conditions Improve in Tripoli

The international energy sector may be encouraged to return to Libya sooner rather than later as conditions have improved in the capital. AKE has lowered the security risk rating for Tripoli on its intelligence website Global Intake. It has been revised from 63 (Open Conflict) to 26 (Unstable). This is a considerable jump in AKE’s 1-100 […]

Libya Explores Fund to Channel Investment Tied to Security Deals

Libya is considering the creation of funds to manage investment in infrastructure pledged by defense and security companies to win government contracts, according to consultancy Blenheim Capital Services Ltd. Blenheim has held initial talks with Libya’s interim National Transitional Council with a view to being taken on as an adviser to help set up the […]

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Experts lower Libya risk rating

Risk consultancy AKE has said it has lowered its security risk rating for Libya as a result of improved conditions in the recently liberated country. Libya is now rated at 35 out of 100, a notable improvement from the ratings of 63 and 64 the country had during its six-month long conflict between March and […]

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