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Weekly Security Review

Projections The security situation in Tripoli will remain positive, although there is an ongoing risk of clashes between rival militia groups and attacks by groups and individuals hostile to the NTC and seeking to disrupt the transition process. Following the handover of Tripoli International Airport to the central authorities the NTC will likely seek to […]

Libya, Iraq want to buy Russian arms: Minister

Libya and Iraq continue to show interest in buying Russian-made weaponry despite regime changes in these countries, a minister said Tuesday. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the defence industry, said: "The Libyan military leadership and the Iraqi government have shown serious interest." After the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq and […]

Libya militia hands Tripoli airport control to govt

The Libyan government took control of Tripoli's international airport on Friday from the militia that has run it since Muammar Gaddafi was deposed last year, an important step in its struggle to assert its authority over numerous armed groups. The ruling National Transitional Council now faces the challenge of showing it can maintain security and […]

Weekly Security Reveiw

Projections Security in the capital and major cities will remain positive, although there will be an ongoing risk of sporadic clashes involving rival militia groups. The risk is heightened in areas of the north west of the country outside the capital Tripoli. The risk of small-scale attacks by unidentified hostile elements will also remain, and […]

Analyst says Somali pirates have new weapons from Libya

Somali pirates have acquired sophisticated weaponry, including mines and shoulder-held missile launchers from Libya, and are likely to use them in bolder attacks on shipping, a senior maritime security analyst said on Thursday. "We found that Libyan weapons are being sold in what is the world's biggest black market for illegal gun smugglers, and Somali […]

Libyan Authorities Halt Bonus Payments to Former Rebels

Libya's official news agency LANA reported on Monday that the country's interim authorities have stopped paying bonuses to former rebels due to widespread fraud costing millions of Libyan dinars. Mohammed Harizi, spokesman for the ruling National Transitional Council, was quoted saying that "Payment of rewards to rebels have been stopped due to violations and abuses," […]

Weekly Security Review

Sabha The Provisional Government sent large numbers of motorised militia units from both Misrata and Zintan, supported by Libyan Air Force ground troops, to quell the ongoing conflict between local militias and ethnic Tebu fighters in the region; however, these have efforts have been largely ineffective. Personnel looking to travel to the region should be […]

Tunisia, Libya launch border security partnership

Tunisian interim Interior Minister Ali Laârayedh and his Libyan counterpart Fawzi Abdelali agreed March 30th to increase co-operation in security, stability and development. At their meeting in Tunis, the Libyan minister stressed the importance of security co-ordination between Libya and Tunisia in the upcoming period, especially in terms of securing the joint land borders to […]