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US Firm to Equip Tripoli Forensic Lab

American-based biotechnology company Life Technologies has said that it will provide a complete laboratory system to help identify bodies from mass graves, and other missing persons. Libya Herald reports that the new Tripoli lab will help identify the remains of an estimated 20,000 people who were found in mass graves after the revolution, and will also […]

Weekly Security Update

By James Hopkinson, Director of Assaye Risk. This past week has continued to be dominated by events outside the borders of Libya but which have serious potential implications for Libya and its ongoing difficult security and political situation.  In terms of Libya itself it appears clear that there is a pattern emerging of direct intimidation […]

Sillinger Wins Contract for Patrol Vessels

The Libyan government has reportedly ordered 50 rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBS) from French company Sillinger. According to a report from Tripoli Post, Sillinger marketing director Guillaume Godde declined to reveal the value of the contract but said his company has been contracted to supply semi-rigid inflatable boats ranging between 3.80 metres and 12 meters in […]

Video: UN Estimates 200,000 Fighters in Libya

From Jewish News One. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News. The UN envoy to Libya has said that a force of 200,000 jihadi militants - similar in number to the UK's entire armed personnel -- is currently based in the country, expressing a […]

Mitri Briefs UN Security Council

Mr. Tarek Mitri (pictured), the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, has briefed the UN Security Council on progress in Libya: Mr. President 1. Since my last briefing, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and his cabinet have officially taken office. The Prime Minister appears to enjoy broad support from the General National Congress, political […]

UK Prime Minister Pledges Support to Libya

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged more British expertise to help the Libyan government improve security. During an unannounced visit to the capital, Tripoli, which included a tour of a police training centre, the Prime Minister said: “The British people want to stand with you and help you deliver the greater security that Libya needs… […]

Video: Benghazi English Teachers Happy to Stay

From Jewish News One. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News. Some Western expat English language teachers working in Benghazi say they don't want to leave the city, despite European countries urging their nationals to do so: (Source: Jewish News One)

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Weekly Security Update

General The wider regional insecurity resulting from the four day hostage crisis at a gas facility, In Amenas in Algeria that ended 19 January, killing at least 37 foreign hostages has continued to dominate media reporting, in part due to alleged Libyan involvement in the incident, but also in connection with the perceived safety of […]