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Denmark Opens New Embassy in Tripoli

On Monday, Denmark's foreign minister, Villy Søvndal inaugurated his country's new embassy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. It was his main activity during a brief 12-hour visit to the country where he also met with members of the Libyan interim government. In separate talks with the National Transitional Council chairman Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, and interim prime […]

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City hopes to set elections standards in Libya

On the bullet-scarred buildings of Libya's third largest city, new posters have appeared in the last few weeks bearing messages its citizens have never seen before. "Just as you were present on the front line, be there for the election," say some. Banners in the windows of shops below charred walls ask: "If you don't […]


Libya struggles to revive economy

Oil exports are approaching pre-conflict levels and international sanctions have been lifted, but four months after fighting ended, experts warn that Libya's financial situation remains fragile. The new leadership has inherited an economy in disarray, plagued by the corruption and mood swings of deposed ruler Moamer Kadhafi and his clan, who controlled Libya's key oil […]

One Libyan in three wants return to authoritarian rule

Almost a year after the start of the Libyan uprising that led to the ousting and killing of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, new research suggests more than a third of its citizens would rather return to being ruled by a strongman than embrace democracy. Despite thousands of deaths in the revolt against Colonel Gaddafi's 40-year rule, […]

Libya Expels Syrian Diplomats

The Syrian diplomats in Libya have been given a 72-hour deadline to leave the country. This move comes after they tried to take over the embassy from the Syrian National Council, SNC. Libya was the first country to recognise the SNC as the legitimate government of Syria. The Syrian embassy was attacked by protestors on […]