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Libya's escalating gun problem

Tuesday's attack by gunmen on the headquarters of Libya's interim government was not the first time when former revolutionaries had used their weapons to enforce their demands and it probably won't be the last. Around 200 ex-fighters with 50 vehicles armed with multiple rocket launchers and anti-aircraft guns surrounded the headquarters of the government. The clash […]

Libya PM office attacked by gunmen

The office of Libya's interim prime minister in the capital, Tripoli, has been attacked by gunmen believed to be ex-rebels demanding payment. Mohamed Alsabee, from the PM's media office, has told the BBC there was gunfire inside the building. A dozen pick-up trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns are surrounding the building, says the BBC's Rana […]

Libya says 330,000 voters register for June poll

The chief of Libya's election commission said on Sunday that 330,000 people have so far registered as voters to elect the nation's first constituent assembly in June. "The number of voters registered by yesterday (Saturday) evening is 330,000," Nuri al-Abbar told a news conference in Tripoli. Abbar said that the number was a "positive indicator" […]


Family mourn ex Libya oil chief in low-key funeral

Scores gathered to mourn Libya's Gaddafi-era prime minister and oil chief Shokri Ghanem at a low-key funeral in Tripoli on Friday, days after he was found dead in Austria's Danube river. It was a low-profile end for a man who was once one of the most powerful figures in Libya and then captured the world's […]

Libya allows religion-based parties

Libya has dropped a ban against parties based on religion, tribe or ethnicity, an official said, after the law irked Islamist parties in the run up to the first free election in June. Members of the ruling National Transitional Council's judicial committee on Wednesday read out an amended version of a law governing the formation […]

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Call for election boycott in Libya's turbulent east

A self-proclaimed autonomous council for Libya's oil-producing eastern province has called on people in the region to boycott an election scheduled for next month, saying it will not give adequate representation to the east. The election, for a special national assembly that will draw up a new constitution, is a crucial milestone in shaping the […]

Libya grants immunity to 'revolutionaries'

Libyan authorities on Thursday granted immunity to former rebels who fought to oust Moamer Kadhafi's regime and unveiled legislation that cracks down on the fallen strongman's supporters. "There is no punishment for acts made necessary by the February 17 revolution," read the law published on the National Transitional Council's website. The immunity covers "military, security […]

Malta’s close ties with Libya ‘an opportunity for US companies’

Malta’s long-standing and deep connections with Libya are an opportunity for American companies, Lorraine Harriton, the US State Department Special Representative for Business tells The Times Business in an interview during a visit to Malta.  “We know that Malta has long-standing and deep connections with Libya which I think is an opportunity for American companies […]