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Q&A: Libya's General National Congress election

Around 2.9 million Libyans will head to the polls on 7 July to elect a General National Congress as part of efforts to create a new political system after the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi. What is the congress' role? The upcoming General National Congress (GNC) will replace Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC), the country's interim […]

Libya Deploys Military Ahead of First Post-Qaddafi Elections

Libya’s interim government will deploy more than 13,000 troops along with aircraft and naval vessels to ensure security during the the country’s first free national elections since the removal of Muammar Qaddafi. Officials have set up an operations room to coordinate the troops, interior ministry forces, plus naval and air elements ahead of the July […]

Just four more days

With only four days left until the elections, everyone is on tenterhooks.  The last elections were held in 1964. The opportunity to vote was something that most citizens never thought they would be granted, but that day has finally come. The elections are to be monitored by the Carter Center, who are sending out observation teams to help with […]

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Libyan diplomat in Dhaka flees amid $13m visa scam

A middle-ranking Libyan diplomat in Bangladesh is believed to have absconded with up to $13 million of visa payments made by Bangladeshis seeking jobs in Libya. Kamel Al-Mahjoub, who was chargé d’affaires at the embassy in Dhaka, is also thought to have operated a scam selling invalid visas. Up to 400 Bangladeshis have been turned […]


Libya Elections 2012: Libyans Vote for First Time in Nearly 50 Years

Elections in Libya will be held on July 7 to elect 200 members to the General National Congress (GNC) (Mutamar Al Chaab Al Aam). The GNC will replace the interim government of the National Transitional Council. For these 200 seats, more than 2500 independent candidates and 142 political entities are in the fray. Some of the […]

Carter Center to send election monitors to Libya

The Carter Center is sending observer teams to Libya to monitor and report on that country's July 7 parliamentary elections. Former President Jimmy Carter said in a statement Wednesday that he hopes the center's limited mission will contribute "to a peaceful, transparent and credible electoral process and will support Libyans' aspirations to build a strong […]


Factbox: How will Libya's national assembly elections work?

Libyans head to the polls on July 7 to elect a national assembly in the nation's first election in a generation almost a year after ousting Muammar Gaddafi in a NATO-backed rebellion. Below are some facts about the Libyan election and the role of the new national assembly: THE VOTE - 200 seats in the national […]