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Commission for Integrity and Patriotism

There has been widespread public support for the work of the Commission for Integrity and Patriotism, despite the lack of transparency about the standards it used in its decisions. The commission decides which candidates are able to run in the Libyan elections. Neither the commission nor the election commission explained the reasons for its decisions […]

Italy defends migration control agreement with Libya amidst renewed criticism

The Italian foreign minister, Guilio Terzi, has defended the migration control agreement signed between his country and Libya last April, amidst renewed criticism from rights group Amnesty International. On Wednesday, Amnesty called on the Italian government to “sink” the agreement, in which the Italian authorities are working with their counterparts in Tripoli to stem refugee […]

UAE envoy meets Libyan oil minister

UAE Ambassador to Libya Saeed Obaid Al Ka’abi has met with Abdulrahman Ben Yazza, Libya’s Oil Minister at the Ministry of Oil in Tripoli. During the meeting both sides discussed cooperation between the two countries in the Oil and Natural Gas fields, and ways to enhance them through the deals signed between the two countries. […]

Election Facts

Set for July 7 These are the country’s first national elections in more than four decades Candidates will have 18 days to campaign. Their campaigns must end two days before the election, on July 5th. 2,501 independents and 1,206 political association candidates are eligible to stand. Eighty of the 200 parliamentary seats will go to political […]


Libya's tribal clashes leave 105 dead

Recent tribal clashes in western Libya left 105 people dead and some 500 injured, the government has said. Government spokesman Nasser al-Manaa said there had been no fighting in the mountainous area since Monday, following the deployment of the army. The area includes the towns of Zintan, Mizdah and Shegayga, some 150km (90 miles) south […]

Wintershall's Libya oil output at 70,000 b/d; builds pipeline

Germany's Wintershall is currently producing just over 70,000 b/d of oil in Libya, or around 70% of its output level from before the civil war in the North African country, a senior company official said Monday. Speaking at a conference in London, Wintershall vice president Klaus Langemann said the company's output was being restricted by […]

Libya Parliamentary Campaigning Begins Amid Security Concerns

Campaigning began today in Libya’s first national parliamentary election since the overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi, with security in the North African nation a continuing issue. A total of more than 3,700 candidates are vying for seats in the 200-seat legislature, the election commission reported on its website. The commission said that 142 parties are running […]


Gunmen storm Tunisian consulate in Libya's Benghazi

Gunmen on Monday stormed the Tunisian consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, diplomatic and security sources told AFP, without reporting casualties. "The Tunisian consulate has been stormed by armed men," a security official told AFP on condition of anonymity, blaming the attack on a local brigade known as the Partisans of Shariah, or […]