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All parties and groups in Libya must come together

As Libya looks at the next step after the recent elections, it is critical that all parties and groups aim at reaching the same goal. Regardless of affiliations or leanings, the interest of building a nation that is transparent and democratic should not be compromised. And this can only be achieved if all parties involved […]


It’s over to you, Dr Jibril

Mahmoud Jibril’s emphatic victory, in the political party list of the Libyan elections, has been widely reported, and his success is no exaggeration. In a race involving 374 party lists, Dr Jibril’s alliance won just under 50 per cent of the 80 seats reserved for parties alone. But he won an even greater percentage of […]

Foreign Minister urges the EU to help Libya

Foreign Minister Tonio Borg yesterday told his EU counterparts in Brussels that Libya should receive more direct help in the coming months, particularly to secure its borders. Malta has a direct interest in a more secure Libya, as most of the irregular migrants reaching its shores depart from the North African country. Malta has received […]

EU gives mixed report on Libya

The European Union welcomed steps taken by Libya since the civil war ended but expressed concern about its commitment to the rule of law. The Council of the European Union, during a foreign policy meeting in Brussels, adopted a conclusion expressing recognition of the vote, characterized as a "significant milestone." Preliminary vote results announced July […]

Libya Political and Economic Briefing, London, 24th July

The Middle East Association will be hosting a Political and Economic Business Briefing on Libya at Bury House on Tuesday 24th July. Libya is Africa’s second largest oil producer and a major gas producer with a huge potential to develop its economy. The dramatic turn of events in 2011 which led to the overthrow of […]

US Pledges Continued Support to Libya

Deputy Secretary William Burns visited Libya on Saturday, July 14 for meetings with Government of Libya officials. After meeting with Libyan Prime Minister Abdulrahim Elkieb, he issued the following statement to the press: Good morning. It’s a pleasure to be in Tripoli. And it’s a pleasure to meet again with the Prime Minister, and with […]

South Africa still has much to offer the eager new Libya

LIBYA’s liberation received vital foreign military and diplomatic backing, including South Africa’s crucial United Nations (UN) Security Council vote in March last year sanctioning a no-fly zone and "the use of all necessary means" to protect Libyan civilians. Any remaining doubts about the wisdom of the limited intervention to help Libya’s freedom fighters should have […]

Where it went wrong for Libya's Islamists

With most of the votes counted, a political bloc with a distinctly liberal air looks set to build a coalition and lead the new government in Libya, raising hard questions among the Islamist parties trailing in their wake. A coalition, led by the former prime minister Mahmoud Jibril dominated the party poll in the elections. In one […]