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Crowds Expected for Tripoli Horse Auction

A horse auction to be held onn 13th October at the stables of Al Shaab Stud in the Tripoli suburb of Tajoura is expected to draw large crowds, according to a report from the Tripoli Post. This will be the sixth such auction since they first started in 2008. Some broodmares and foals are expected […]


Updated: Libya's New Cabinet Line-Up

Libyan Prime Minister-elect Mustafa Abushagur (pictured) has nominated his cabinet on Wednesday, presenting a line-up that according to Reuters excludes the country's leading liberal coalition, the National Forces Alliance (NFA). Abushagur said he wants to build a coalition government with a "geographical balance" in a country where regional rivalries are still rife. Only the post […]


Libya Boosts Sugar Purchases

Libya has increased its purchases of white sugar to replenish supplies used up during last year's war and to stem unrest in the North African country, according to a report from Reuters. Consumption between 2008 and 2010 was estimated at 280,000 to 290,000 tonnes a year, according to the International Sugar Organization (ISO), but imports […]


Tunisia: 40% of summer fruit exports go to Libya

Tunisia’s exports of summer fruits increased by 17% reaching 32,500 tons, against 27,600 tons in the same period last year, the Agriculture Ministry said Monday. During this season, official forecasts in Tunisia expect overall exports of summer fruit to reach nearly 41 million tonnes. "The target sought-after is to exceed the volume exported in 2011 […]

First post-Revolution Libyan Tractor Produced

The pithily-named Libyan Tractor and Agricultural Tools Company has reportedly produced its first new tractor since the revolution. The company, part of the Ministry of Industry, held a ceremony to mark the event at its factory in the Tajura Industrial Zone. Made to international standards, the model MF 240 tractor was described as "one of the […]

North Darfur to Export 10,000 Heads of Cattle to Libya

The government of North Darfur will launch on Thursday the first operation to export cattle from El-Fashir Airport to Kufra Airport, Libya.  The North Darfur minister of finance Dr. Abu Daoud Suleiman said in statements that the state would see the beginning of sheep exporting operations to Libya an estimated 10,000 heads to be exported […]

Hunt for under-24 month cattle for Libya begins

Ireland will begin shipping live cattle to Libya in the coming weeks as one of the country's largest cattle exporters has already commenced buying stock for the North African market. While the first loads will be trucked down through France and out to Libya from Marseilles, other exporters are hoping to cut transport costs by chartering specialised […]

Suppliers to Default on Libyan Grain Deal?

Reuters reports that the rising price of wheat on world markets could jeopardise a recent Libyan grain deal. The contract, agreed on 4th July, was for the supply of 50,000 tonnes of milling wheat. "A lot of people will be surprised if that deal goes through as it looks like a loss-maker," one dealer told […]

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