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France Ready to Develop Libya's Aviation Sector

The undersecretary with responsibility for Aviation and Air-Freight Affairs at Libya's Transport Ministry, along with a group of Libyan businessmen, has held a meeting with the French ambassador to Libya and the economic adviser in the French Embassy in Tripoli. At the meeting and workshop, fifteen French aviation companies, presented their plans to develop the […]

Libya's Prosperous Future

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has just given its opinion on the state of the Libyan economy, and it makes for interesting reading. To take just a few examples: Hydrocarbon production is close to 90 percent of the pre-conflict level, and should have fully recovered in the coming year; Non-resource sectors have also seen a […]

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France to Invest in Petroplus with Libya?

Reuters reports that France is considering investing along with the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), Libya's sovereign wealth fund, in the Petroplus plant at Petit Couronne, in Normandy. Industry minister Arnaud Montebourg, keen to secure a rescue of the oldest refinery in France, visited Libya on Monday along with French foreign minister Laurent Fabius. Montebourg, who […]

Regional Growth Flattered by Libyan Recovery - IMF

The IMF reports that the Middle East and Central Asian region’s oil-exporting countries are expected to post solid growth in 2012, largely on account of Libya’s better-than-expected post-conflict recovery: Libya’s post-revolution recovery in hydrocarbon production has advanced faster than expected, reaching close to 90 percent of the pre-conflict level. Despite daunting challenges in the aftermath […]

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Repsol to Resume Oil Drilling in Libya

Spanish oil firm Repsol is reported to be making final preparations to resume drilling in Libya early next year. The company currently has rights to nine blocks, seven of which, totalling 16,185 km2, are exploratory; and two of which, totalling 1,566 km2, are in operation. It made a discovery at block NC-115 in January 2011, […]

Shell Still Interested in Libyan Oil Exploration

Shell said on Wednesday that it remained interested in oil and gas exploration opportunities in Libya after abandoning drilling in two blocks earlier this year, according to a report from Reuters. In May of this year, Shell Exploration and Production Libya GmbH told the National Oil Corporation (NOC) that it intended to suspend and abandon […]