NOC signs Contract to drill 10 Water Wells

As part of sustainable development programs of the National Oil Corporation ( NOC ), sponsored and financed by Repsol Consortium, coordinated and followed-up by the committees formed by Akakos Oil Operations Company.

On Thursday, December 31, 2020, at the National Oil Corporation headquarters in Tripoli, a contract was signed to drill 10 water wells in the south, distributed to the municipalities (Obari, Al-Griffa, Bint Bayh), in presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Eng. Mustafa Abdallah Sanalla.

This intervention comes to solve the water shortage problem in these areas, which have been suffering from it for decades. The drilling project is part of an integrated project that also includes the maintenance of 10 upper water tanks situated in these municipalities and to connect them with the wells, also to provide them with all pumps and all other needs.

This integrated project will alleviate the suffering of citizens in these areas and solve the problem of water shortages significantly.

The signing ceremony was attended by:
Ahmed Ammar, Chairman of the Management Committee of Akakos Oil Operations.
Mr.Mokhtar Abdedayem, Manager of the NOC's Sustainable Development Department
Al-Mahdi Smama, Deputy General Manager of Repsol.
Ashraf Khalifa al-Musleh, Mayor of Bint Bayh municipality.
Abdul Sattar El-Sanussi Ali, Dean of Municipality of Al-Greifa.
Fatima Al-Suwaiei, a deputy from Obari district.
Abdul Hafeeth Al-Saghir, a deputy from Obari district.
Nada Al-Atrash, Sustainable Development Department Manager, Repsol.
Yasmine Shalbeck, Sustainable Development Manager, Akakos.
Ali Abeid, president of Al-Merad Water Well drilling Company.
Hassan Mustafa Al-Sharif, Committee for Communication with the NOC.
Moftah Al-Sharef, Department of Sustainable Development at the NOC.
Mohamed Grada, Development Projects Committee, Akakos.
Masood Saeed Khairat, a member of municipal council Bint Bayh.
Abdul Karim Mohammed, Municipality of Bint Bayh.

(Source: NOC)

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