Washington can seize a pinprick of light in Libya

By Jeffrey Feltman, for The Brookings Institution. Any opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News.

A few flickers of light may be penetrating Libya's deepening gloom. On the one hand, Libya's misery grows worse.

As Acting U.N. Special Representative Stephanie Williams told the U.N. Security Council on September 3, COVID-19 cases are expanding exponentially in the country; Libyans suffer from sustained electricity black-outs in the face of an oil blockade; social protests are being forcefully dispersed; fissures burst open in the Tripoli-based political coalition; and foreign arms shipments continue to make a mockery of the international arms embargo.

On the other hand, the military front lines in Sirte have remained largely quiet since June, and some political discussions have resumed.

The full report can be read here.

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