Entrepreneurs launch Online Education during the COVID-19

Young entrepreneurs in Libya provide educational online solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Millions of schoolchildren worldwide are learning at home these days, and educators are striving to ensure that learning continues.

Like in most of the countries in the Arab world, in Libya, the Government shut down schools to combat COVID-19, while teachers, parents, and pupils are scrambling not to lose the rest of the school year.

Very few schools in the Arab world were doing something related to online education pre-COVID-19, but in Libya, since 2018, Aziza Al-Hassi, Tufaha Suhaim and Amine Kachroud were already undertaking first steps in this field.

That year, with the support of the European Union, the United Development Programme (UNDP) and Tatweer Research launched Tatweer Entrepreneurship Development Center (TEC) with the aim of building an ecosystem for entrepreneurship in Libya.

In TEC, entrepreneurs can join various programs including business incubators, joint workspaces, Business and Technology trainings, and access to startup funding across all regions of Libya.

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(Source: UNDP)

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