NOC Medical Kit arrives in Southern Libya

By John Lee.

The Sustainable Development Department of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) delivered medical equipment to the municipalities of Obari, Al-Ghuraifa, Bint Bayah, Ghat, Wadi Etba, Murzuq, and Wadi al-Ajal, via the Sharara oil field on Saturday April 18, 2020.

This medical equipment will protect many people from the emerging coronavirus and Covid-19. The cargo included protective masks, glasses, various types of protective gowns, disinfectant solutions, disinfectant spraying equipment and other medical supplies.

This is part of NOC's Good Neighbour initiative to contribute to various communities adjacent to the operations of NOC and its subsidiaries.

Mr Al-Khair Aadal, Director of Wadi al-Ajal's Health Services Department said:

"We extend our thanks to NOC for its cooperation and quick response to meet the needs of the region in these exceptional circumstances. We appreciate its efforts in fighting this epidemic." 

Mr Mukhtar Abdedayem, Head of NOC Sustainable Development Department.

"The first batch of medical and personal protective equipment, allocated by NOC and its partners to the municipalities of the south, has been delivered today. We are in the process of receiving more medical equipment, especially protective equipment, to confront the spread of the virus and we are sending other convoys in the near future. We also extend our sincere thanks to our colleagues at the Sharara oil field for providing assistance with the handover process." 

The handover was attended by Mr Mohammed Nadhif, acting Mayor of Wadi Etba Municipality, Mr Musa Hassan, member of Wadi Etba Municipal Council, Mr Ibrahim Senussi, Director of Health Services in Wadi Etba, Mr Ibrahim Saleh, Mayor of Murzuq Municipality, Mrs Fatima Sidi, acting Mayor of Ghat Municipality, Mr Abdulghani Said, Deputy Director of Ghat Hospital, Mr Abdulkabir Soulah, Member of Bint Bayah Municipal Council, Mr. Ahmed Ali, Deputy Mayor of Bint Bayah Municipality, Mr Al-Twati Bakkah, acting Mayor of Al-Ghuraifa Municipality, Mr Suleiman Madgou, Director of the Health Bureau in Al-Ghuraifa Municipality, Mr Omar Ghoughi Deputy Mayor of Obari Municipality, and Mr Al-Khair Aadal, Director of Wadi al-Ajal's Health Services Department.

(Source: NOC)

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