Call for Proposals: Conflict Management, Social Cohesion

Call for Proposals -- Conflict management and social cohesion in Libya

Through the Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL), UNDP supports three activities sets, each with a dedicated output:

  • Output 1: Light Infrastructure Rehabilitation;
  • Output 2: Capacity Surge; and
  • Output 3: Local Peace Structures and Conflict Management Capacity.

At the municipal level, these outputs support the overarching SFL strategy by working toward agreed local stabilisation goals. These efforts are complimented by building the capacity of local authorities to address the needs of their population and enhancing local mediation and conflict resolution capacities.

All of this is led by a local peace structure, which forms the forum in which the local stabilisation goal is agreed and provides validation of an action plan to attain it.

To sustain this local peace structure, the SFL needs a capable local NGO partner which can provide and update the conflict analysis, conflict mapping, conflict monitoring, conflict management and conflict reduction expertise to support the local peace structure.

The key objectives of this engagement is predominately to help to deliver Output 3 activities to drive the SFL's engagement in Western (Tripoli, Bani Walid, Tawergha, and Sirt), Eastern (Ajdabiya, Benghazi and Derna), and Southern (Ubari, Sebha, Ghat, and Kufra) Libya.

Expected Activities

i.            Conduct a preliminary conflict analysis to identify the interests sustaining peace and those that threaten it or are threatened by it;

ii.            Advise the SFL and provide quality assurance inputs and recommendations on SFL activities;

iii.            Provide a supportive challenge function to UNITAR in its capacity building assistance to, and mentoring of, local NGOs and local peace structures.

iv.            On request, support the SFL in directing the delivery of social cohesion activities that build bridges between communities and enhance trust, and in ensuring their endorsement by the local peace structures;

The offeror is expected to develop a proposal focusing on deliverable approach.

  • Final submission deadline 31st  March 2020
  • Any queries form bidders to be submitted no later than 23rd March
  • Proposal to be submitted electronically to [email protected]
  • All queries submitted to UNDP will be answered within 48 hours

For detailed information download the Terms of Reference.

(Source: UN)

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