SFL hands over Backhoe Loaders to Ghat

The Stabilization Facility for Libya hands over four backhoe loaders to Ghat

With the objective of supporting the water and sanitation sector in Ghat severely affected by the floods that hit the city in June 2019, the Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) has provided the Municipality with four backhoe loaders.

The equipment will help the Municipality to ensure access to water and sanitation services to all residents of Ghat. 25,000 people will benefit from improved basic services.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is implementing SFL in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and 24 municipalities across Libya, and with support from 13 international partners with the aim of helping local authorities to provide improved basic services to people in the country.

These four loaders will serve the Water and Sewerage Company in Ghat to repair the pipes, chambers of sewage, and water networks damaged during the floods.

The backhoe loaders will also improve the water and sanitation services and prevent the effects of future natural disasters in Ghat, Al-Owainat, Al-Birket, Tahala and other villages within the municipality.

I would like to sincerely thanks UNDP and SFL for their efforts to support our people in Ghat, especially after the floods that swept through the Municipality’s areas and caused many damages to the water and sewage networks. With this new equipment we will be able to rehabilitate the water and sewage lines,” said Mayor of Ghat, Mr. Gomani Saleh.

We won’t delay anymore the maintenance work for water and sewage networks. The four backhoe loaders will be distributed to our services offices at Ghat, Al-Owainat, Al-Birket and Tahala to ensure all the Municipality population benefit from them,” said the manager of Water and Sanitation Company in Ghat, Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed.

Through the Stabilization Facility for Libya, UNDP is helping Ghat Municipality to assist flood-stricken people in getting access to health, food, water, and environmental sanitation among other sectors. The Facility already handed over power cables which the General electric company is using to rehabilitate the grid. More equipment will be delivery in the coming weeks.

(Source: UN)

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