Workshop for Primary Health Care Nurses in Libya

The WHO country office in Libya, in collaboration with its Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean and the Ministry of Health of Libya,completed a 2-week training of trainers workshop for the primary health care (PHC) nursing workforce in Libya.

The workshop, comprising one-week theoretical sessions followed by a week of practical training, was made possible thanks to the generous support of the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development.

Facilitators from the Faculty of Nursing of Jordan University of Science and Technology introduced participants to WHO’s new training package for PHC nurses. The package focuses on the implementation of the family practice approach in PHC facilities in Libya.

Workshop participants included the head of the nursing unit at the Ministry of Health, experts from nursing colleges and nurses from six PHC centres across the country.

Nurse Hend Milady from the Faculty of Nursing of Tripoli University said the advanced training was very important:

“It will help us improve the quality of care provided in PHC facilities as part of Libya’s efforts to achieve universal health coverage.”

At the end of the workshop, those trained will go on to train fellow nurses inside Libya by means of a series of cascade training events. The purpose of the cascade training is to allow nurses throughout the country to benefit from this newly-gained knowledge and expertise.

This training is vital to improve the quality of services provided by nurses and midwives in Libya. A strong health care workforce in all countries is essential to achieve WHO’s goal of universal health coverage”, said Elizabeth Hoff, WHO Representative in Libya.

(Source: WHO)

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