JOTC Restarts Ops at Mineral Grinding Plant

By John Lee.

The Jowfe Oil Technology Company (JOTC), a subsidiary of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), has resumed production at its 100,000 tonnes-per-year mineral grinding plant, following the completion of a comprehensive maintenance works programme.

JOTC has carried out an extensive maintenance and repair programme throughout all of its facilities, ranging from production unit upgrades at its industrial complex to equipping administrative buildings. Furthermore, the company has conducted thorough maintenance of the mineral grinding plant, which had been suspended since 2014.

NOC Chairman Eng. Mustafa Sanalla congratulated the company’s employees in a phone call, expressing appreciation for their efforts:

“The completion of maintenance work in under eight weeks reflects the experience and dedication of Jowfe Oil Technology Company employees. In addition to their work during the facility shutdown, JOTC employees have directly contributed to doubling the company's income over the last year, recording the highest revenue since 2010.”

The restart of the mineral grinding plant is a positive step forward for the oil and gas sector in Libya. The facility produces several materials used in oil and gas well drilling operations, such as barite, bentonite and calcium carbonites, as well as cathodic protection and backfill materials.

"The plant will help NOC source basic materials for future drilling operations, which include over 40 onshore wells in 2020, and approximately 31 offshore wells in A and E structures in the coming years.

Mr. Majdi Jebril Amsaad, chairman of JOTC’s Management Committee, and Mr. Salem Shahat, supervisor of the mineral grinding plant, expressed their deep thanks to the NOC Board of Directors for their support, encouragement and trust in JOTC employees.

(Source: NOC)

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