EU-funded programme trains University Professors

By John Lee.

The SLEIDSE programme, co-funded by the EU and France, offered a high-level international training in Entrepreneurship and Business Development Teaching to 6 Libyan University professors from Benghazi, Garyan, Misrata, Sabah, Tripoli and Zintan on 16-21 September in Tunis, Tunisia.

This operational business education will be taught for free to 90 Libyan students and young graduates with business ideas who are currently being selected through a call for applications open until October 9.

The Support to Libya for Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Development (SLEiDSE) is a four-year programme funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France.

It aims to promote the development of a dynamic and diversified Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Sector (MSME) in all regions of Libya, capable of creating employment and livelihoods for Libyans, and in particular for women and youth, through widely and accessible MSME support services.

(Source: EU)

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