Disseminating Entrepreneurship Culture among Libyan Youth

EU contributes to disseminating entrepreneurship culture among youth

The closing ceremony of Janzour Coding Academy Training of Trainers (ToTs) was held in Expertise France office in Tunis.

The ToTs were selected from Janzour Municipality employees and were trained for 8 weeks.

The activity aimed at disseminating entrepreneurship culture among the youth in Libya, a component of the SLEIDSE project. The Municipality of Janzour allocated a place to host the academy which will be fully equipped and functional by the end of September and will offer training to the general public with focus on children, young adults and women.

The Support to Libya for Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Development (SLEiDSE) is a four-year programme co-funded by the EU and France and implemented by Expertise France.

It aims to promote the development of a dynamic and diversified Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Sector (MSME) in all regions of Libya, capable of creating employment and livelihoods for Libyans, and in particular for women and youth, through widely and accessible MSME support services.

(Source: EU)

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