UNSMIL Condemns Attack on Mitiga Airport

UNSMIL: latest attacks on Mitiga Airport, a direct threat to the lives of civilian passengers; perpetrators will face accountability

Following another attack today, 01 September, on Mitiga airport UNSMIL dispatched an assessment mission to the airport.

The mission was able to confirm that four projectiles struck the civilian parts of the airport; three projectiles landed in the parking lot and one hit the runway resulting in damage to an airplane that had carried dozens of pilgrims returning from the Hajj. At least two crew members were injured while rushing out of the plane.

UNSMIL condemns in the strongest possible terms this attack, which terrorised passengers and airport staff alike. This attack constitutes a direct threat to the lives of pilgrims and other civilian passengers and cannot be justified under any pretext. UNSMIL calls for immediate cessation of attacks against this vital facility and all civilian infrastructure and properties.

This is the seventh occasion since the end of July 2019 that Mitiga airport was hit by indiscriminate shelling. These vicious attacks are designed to sow fear, create chaos, and disrupt operations at the only working airport in the Libyan capital Tripoli.

The Mission is documenting the incident for onward transmission to the International Criminal Court and the Security Council. Those behind the attacks should be held accountable.

UNSMIL reiterates that according to the provisions of International Humanitarian Law and International Human rights Law, indiscriminate attacks that result in death or injury to civilians may constitute war crimes.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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